Communicating brand temperament with modern and simple design aesthetics

SMILE DESIGN (Shenzhen SMILE brand design Co.,Ltd. ) is a subsidiary of MULAND (Shenzhen MULAND Interior Design Co., Ltd) , and further discusses the building elements of the brand through the connection between vision and space. SMILE DESIGN focuses on exploring the relationship between vision and brand, and has been studying the role of DESIGN in brand building. Period, give us infinite power is the most essential and the original part, with the best design for the consumer cognition and memory to provide identification method, let the designers to participate in the brand construction, be the first to feel the experience of brand kernel, again through the brand vision, identification, experience, interactive elements such as create conforms to the own brand temperament and both emotional and temperature high quality work.

The premise that the brand can stand out in the competition is to establish and maintain the differences with the competitors, to form the brand barrier and to build the brand characteristics. The enterprise strategy decides us to enter into the subdivision of the business, the brand strategy decides how we are different, the brand strategy explores the difference between the base and the exploration.


SMILE DESIGN(晴朗設計事務所),為MULAND(梅蘭室內設計)旗下兄弟企業,通過視覺和空間兩者之間的聯絡,更深入探討品牌的建設要素。SMILE DESIGN著力探索視覺和品牌之間的關係,一直在研究設計在品牌建設中的角色;期間,給予我們無窮動力的恰恰是最本質和原始的部分,用最佳的設計為消費者的認知和記憶提供識別的方法,讓設計師參與品牌建設其中,成為最先感受品牌內核的體驗者,再通過品牌的視覺、識別、體驗、互動等要素創作出符合自己品牌氣質且兼具情感和溫度的優質作品。